Students Shine in Inter-School Athletics Event
Date: 20/2/2012

The inter-school Athletics Festival was held at the National Coaching Centre on the 20th of February 2012. 32 students from Class 3 – Class 10 of SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School participated in the event. The students developed a passion to improve their race times and learned the correct techniques for the discus, javelin and shotput throw.

The students from Fatima Jinnah school put up a good show overall, with the primary school relay race team winning the 3rd position and individual stars doing well.

Roshana, who won the 2nd position in the 400m race, said that watching others race urged her – and her the fellow athletes on her team – to develop a stronger drive to excel.
Rubab and Afrah, who were part of the relay race team, said they learned basic yet important things like how the 4 players should stand to improve their times and work better as a team. Shifa Subhani, another student with a track record of great performances for Fatima Jinnah in every sport, learned how to throw the shotput properly for the first time at the even itself and did surprisingly well to win the 2nd position in the heat.

Report by Ambreen Hamid
Location: National Coaching Centre

Program:  School Reform
Tags:   Sports  Competition        
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