Students celebrate Environmental Day vowing to create a world withless Pollution
Date: 28/6/2012

The working children in our network of Paid to Learn schools were engaged in a clean-up drive to support Environmental Day. It was the launch of an environmental awareness campaign, which empowered our children to learn more about their surroundings and their issues. It also created a sense of responsibility, confidence and a feeling in the children that they can also make a difference.

We believe that schoolchildren have the biggest stake in and also the biggest opportunity to make an impact regarding environmental protection. They can act as a powerful medium to spread
environmental awareness to the largest possible audience.

Children worked with their teachers to prepare posters and placards espousing messages such as that of cleanliness being next to holiness and the importance of a clean school-clean environment. They also discussed and made posters promoting the plantation and watering of trees, use of renewable fuel in place of petrol, as well as a recommendation to change rusted water pipe lines.

Children enthusiastically involved themselves in this environment drive both inside and
outside their schools & their homes. The people in their communities appreciated them and
accompanied them in watering trees & picking up trash from the street.

Program:  Others
Tags:   Environment  Development         
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