Mera Khwab, #AisaPakistan…

A progressive, tolerant and prosperous Pakistan

How to participate: about the
AisaPakistan campaign

We believe that holistic education – through art, sports, chess, music and child abuse awareness – can lead to a Pakistan that is progressive, tolerant and prosperous. If you share our vision of #AisaPakistan, your support can help us bring holistic education to our government schools.

Please join us for this global day of giving – you can help us in the following 3 ways:

  1. Recruit a like-minded friend (or three) and together donate $50 or Rs 5000 through our Facebook Fundraiser, Website or GlobalGiving page

  2. Take a selfie with a handwritten note on what you think should be taught in Pakistan's schools to build #AisaPakistan – the tolerant, progressive and prosperous future of our dreams

  3. Share on your social media with our hashtag #AisaPakistan. (e.g. “I want urban gardening programs in school for a kinder, greener and smarter Pakistan. I am supporting @zindagitrust in their quest to build #AisaPakistan through holistic education at government schools this Holiday Season – join the movement!”)

    1. We hope you will be a part of this giving journey with us!