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Zindagi Trust awarded Shariah Compliance Certification for Zakat

Shariah Compliance

Donors who wish to give their Zakat to Zindagi Trust can do so with the peace of mind that their religious obligation is being fulfilled in accordance with the Shariah. With the help of Alhamd Shariah Advisory Services, Zindagi Trust has obtained a Shariah Compliant Certification for its management of Zakat donations after a rigorous process of training and evaluation. This ensures that every donation we receive as Zakat is handled and distributed in a way that is compliant with established guidelines according to the Shariah.

We achieve this through a transparent and structured approach.

  1. What happens when we are given Zakat?
    1. Zindagi Trust follows a Wakala system, in which an organization is nominated as a wakil (agent) to collect Zakat on behalf of deserving students, and then disburse the funds collected as Zakat, for the benefit of those for whom Zakat was collected.
    2. The funds go straight into a dedicated Islamic banking account designated for Zakat proceeds.
    3. The monthly expenses of this Zakat account are sent to our Shariah advisor, Mufti Ubaid ur Rahman Zubairi from Alhamd Shariah Advisory Services, for verification and compliance.

Shariah Compliance Certificate


  1. How do we determine Zakat eligibility?
    1. To determine eligibility, our school staff and Project Managers underwent a thorough training process, led by Mufti Ubaid, where they were taught to gather and compile relevant student information.
    2. Once completed, the information forms are signed by the parents/guardians of the students, or by the students themselves if they are over the age of 13
    3. These information forms are then shared with our Shariah advisor who determines which cases qualify for Zakat.


  1. How are Zakat proceeds spent?
    1. Our accounting department has received training to understand which expenditures qualify for Zakat according to Shariah standards.
    2. In addition to this our Shariah Advisor is consulted before any expense is made from the Zakat account.

To donate your Zakat to Zindagi Trust, simply check the box to “designate your donation as Zakat” on our Donate page. If you have any questions about how your zakat will be used, please feel free to write to us.



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