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Rabiya - On the Fast Track to achieving big dreams

Rabiya joined Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School three years ago in the Fast Track stream where teachers focus on the core subjects of language, math and science to bring students up to speed with their grade-level learning expectations. This is a program designed for students who have had a gap in their schooling and are struggling to keep pace with others in their age group.

Over the past three years, she has flourished at the school: not only has she been able to make the transition from Fast Track to the regular grades successfully, she has excelled in both her academic and co-curricular performance. This successful transition has led her teachers to select her on the Students' Council as a House Captain. This is doubly impressive when you consider the multiple levels at which Rabiya had to adapt - moving from a small town in the north of Pakistan to the megacity down south, adjusting to the change in her family situation.

Abbudecided to quit his teaching job in Murree and move to Karachi with me and my 8 siblings to work as a rickshaw driver. I was studying in a nearby school which was made in a small house - there was no space to run around or play.

Rabiya, now 13, has demonstrated a go-getter attitude from a young age and has done her best to grab every opportunity that the school has offered for her holistic development. In her academic classes, she enjoys the freedom to ask many questions and dig deeper into a topic she wants to understand better. This has helped her get comfortable with Sindhi, the local language that she struggled with in her last school in Karachi and has also led her to enjoy her Maths class.

Beyond academics, she has explored every sport taught in the school - taekwondo, futsal, hockey, badminton, but her favourite is cricket. Her teachers are happy with her academic progress and support her pursuit of sports and art. She is on several school sports teams and has become confident from playing matches against other schools. She wants to continue exploring new fields introduced by the school.

Here I am on the taekwondo and badminton and cricket and futsal teams and I have had the chance to compete against other schools! I now love Maths! I get to participate in everything I like, from art and drama to sports and science clubs. I love this school and never want to leave - I hope it becomes a university by the time I finish high school!

In addition to doing well in her classes and co-curricular activities, she has also developed strong goals for the future - she wants to grow up to become a national cricketer and a Deputy Commissioner. Her career goals are partly inspired by a character in a local television show raised by a single mother who studied and worked hard alongside privileged compatriots to enter the Pakistan Civil Service and eventually became the leading bureaucrat heading an administrative division.

I want to progress towards success through my own hard work like she did.


Sports promote physical fitness, alertness and better concentration, collaboration, self-esteem, and perseverance in children. Each of our schools features weekly sports classes for all students.
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