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PTA and TikTok Collaborate with Zindagi Trust to Foster Digital Safety in Pakistan's Schools

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and TikTok have joined forces to champion digital safety within government schools across Pakistan, ...
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Bill against corporal punishment of children in capital passed by National Assembly

A significant triumph for child rights advocates took place as the National Assembly of Islamabad passed a bill against the use of corporal punishm...
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'Our children deserve more': Shehzad Roy recalls struggles with education reform in Pakistan

'Our children deserve more': Shehzad Roy recalls struggles with education reform in Pakistan The musician-turned-social worker talks about why and...
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Artists call for sustainable action to prevent child abuse

KARACHI: Shehzad Roy, a renowned singer, musician, activist, and the founder of Zindagi Trust, expressed his concerns during a press conference at ...
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'New evaluation criteria for teachers to improve quality of education’

Imagine a scenario where a jungle hosts a group of giraffes, elephants, and a pride of lions, all of which are in need of selecting their respectiv...
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Shehzad Roy apprises CM of his organisation’s services to education

Shehzad Roy, the founder of Zindagi Trust and a renowned singer, met with Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar at his office on Monday. During the me...
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Govt-run girls school holds art exhibition with students' work

The SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School inaugurated an art exhibition on Thursday, showcasing an array of creative works by its students. The...
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Education dept launches teachers’ training programme

KARACHI:Addressing the vital need for enhanced education, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah emphasized that effective education hinges on pr...
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Chess victories win Pakistan's 'Queens of Karachi' confidence and freedom

KARACHI, March 8 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Behind her glasses, 14-year-old Maleeha Ali observed the chessboard with intensity. Swiftly maneuve...
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Shahzad Roy challenges corporal punishment before

Renowned singer Shehzad Roy has called upon his supporters to stand with him in his legal endeavor to challenge the practice of corporal punishment...
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This Student Exhibition Sends A Message To Pakistan's Government Schools To Take The Arts More Seriously

Karachi's SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls’ School, under the guidance of Zindagi Trust, illuminated its annual art exhibition with a splendid sh...
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Pakistan's talented youth are the country’s real defence: COAS

RAWALPINDI: A delegation of students from various public schools under the management of Zindagi Trust, a non-profit organization founded by Pakist...
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Zindagi Trust and Indus Valley School Team Up for Digital Safety Toolkit for Pakistani Youth

Zindagi Trust and Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture (IVS) have joined hands to promote digital safety among the youth of Pakistan throug...
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Girls at Karachi govt school showcase artistic flair, science project

Karachi's Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School recently organized an engaging Art and Science Exhibition, which drew a large number of visito...
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Shortage of secondary schools hits education’

During a press conference at the Sindh Assembly's committee room, Sindh Education and Culture Minister Syed Sardar Shah addressed the concerning is...
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Empowering children: Students showcase their talents at art exhibition

Over the weekend, Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government School organized an impressive art exhibition featuring artworks by students from classes I to IX i...
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Learning with fun: Alif Ailaan brings magic of science to govt school

During a science activity event organized by Pakistan Science Club (PSC), Sana Kazmi, a representative of Zindagi Trust, emphasized the importance ...
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Making art accessible

Zindagi Trust recently organized an art exhibition called "The Introduction between Two Worlds" at The Second Floor, showcasing the extraordinary a...
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Meta, Zindagi Trust join hands to launch child safety campaign in Pakistan

In Karachi, Meta, in partnership with Zindagi Trust, is initiating a comprehensive awareness and stakeholder engagement campaign aimed at preventin...
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Zindagi Trust's Khatoon-e-Pakistan school hosts Open-Day

On Saturday, the Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School organized an Open Day that featured various activities and exhibits. The event included...
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Budding student artists given a platform by Zindagi Trust

Zindagi Trust organized an art show at the SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School in order to tap into Pakistan's untapped pool of young artists...
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IHC bans corporal punishment for children at educational institutions

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) made a significant ruling on Thursday, ordering a complete ban on corporal punishment in educational inst...
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Shehzad Roy made population, family planning ‘brand ambassador’

KARACHI: Shahzad Roy, the renowned singer, and passionate education advocate has been appointed as the honorary brand ambassador for population and...
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Government schools put up outstanding art show at Karachi's Fatima Jinnah School

Pakistan is a treasure trove of talent in various fields, be it sports, literature, or arts. Unfortunately, much of this potential remains untapped...
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Maryam Nawaz, Shehzad Roy and other public figures are celebrating female strength thus Women's Day

On March 8, the world came together to celebrate International Women's Day, a day dedicated to honoring women's achievements and advocating for the...
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Shehzad Roy wants to promote education in shangla

Renowned singer and founder of Zindagi Trust, Shahzad Roy, expressed his commitment to promote education in the remote areas of Shangla district, w...
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Shehzad Roy of Pakistan: Education activist extraordinaire

My heroes are those who aspire to create a kinder world for children, and their actions to alleviate the suffering of the young members of society ...
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Mahira, ZebaBakhtiar and Younis Khan join Shehzad Roy to campaign against child abuse

In a united effort to raise awareness about the heinous crime of child sexual abuse, Mahira Khan, Shehzad Roy, Zeba Bakhtiar, and Younis Khan held ...
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Shehzad Roy receives prestigious Education Excellence Award

In recognition of his outstanding efforts in educational reforms and support for children, Shehzad Roy, a philanthropist and education activist, wa...
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Zindagi Trust, TikTok team up for digital safety workshops in govt schools

In a collaborative effort, the renowned video sharing app TikTok has joined hands with Zindagi Trust to conduct a series of workshops across their ...
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Meta, Zindagi Trust join hands to launch child safety campaign

In a joint effort, Meta and Zindagi Trust are teaming up to launch an extensive awareness and stakeholder engagement campaign aimed at combating th...
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Why are people lining up outside this government school in Karachi?

In Karachi's Garden area, a surprising sight greeted onlookers as a long queue formed not for visas to the US or currency exchange, but for admissi...
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Senseless punishment

In Pakistan, corporal punishment remains a prevalent method of disciplining children, as indicated by the recent report released by Zindagi Trust. ...
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Girls at Karachi govt school showcase artistic flair, science projects

An art and science exhibition organized by Karachi's Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School this weekend attracted a large number of visitors.
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With support of MoITT, TikTok and Zindagi Trust launch second phase of digital safety campaign

TikTok and Zindagi Trust have announced an extension of their collaboration aimed at driving digital safety awareness with the support of the Minis...
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Zindagi Trust launches "Coding Program" in collaboration with KFC & Technoknowledge

In collaboration with KFC Mitao Bhook, Zindagi Trust is piloting a three-year Coding Program in their two adopted government schools- SMB Fatima Ji...
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TikTok, Zindagi Trust initiate digital safety workshops in govt schools

Famous video sharing app TikTok, in collaboration with Zindagi Trust, has initiated a series of workshops across their network of government school...
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Child Protection and Digital Safety Dialogue organized by Zindagi Trust in collaboration with Meta

Zindagi Trust in collaboration with Meta (Facebook) hosted a roundtable discussion at GECE Hussainabad to identify ways to make digital platforms s...
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TikTok and Zindagi Trust join hands for a safer Pakistan

Zindagi Trust has partnered with the fastest growing global video making platform TikTok with the aim of creating an awareness campaign for a digit...
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Zindagi Trust partners up with Tiktok to create Digital Safety Awareness

As our next move in safeguarding children over digital platforms, Zindagi Trust has partnered up with TikTok to help our young users learn safer wa...
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Update on Corporal Punishment- ICT Bill passed by the parliament of Pakistan

On 17th November 2021, the parliament of Pakistan passed the Islamabad Capital Territory Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill which prohibits al...
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US Consulate General Visit

Monday 12th Oct 2021, U.S. Consul General, Mark Iroh, along with his team visited Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School, a school adopted by t...
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A Campaign to Protect Children Online

In collaboration with Facebook, Zindagi Trust is launching a campaign on child protection in digital spaces. This campaign begins with a short vide...
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Child Protection Action Dialogue hosted by Zindagi Trust and Sindh Police

On 15th June 2021, Zindagi Trust had a meeting with IG Sindh Police Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar at one of our adopted schools, Khatoon-e-Pakistan (KPS). Th...
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Sindh government moves to modernise teacher evaluation

Karachi, June 2nd: The Sindh Government approved a new teacher performance evaluation format for government teachers across the province. Teachers ...
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Admissions Open at SMB Fatima Jinnah GGS

Here are the admissions details for the upcoming academic year for SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School. There are a restricted number of seat...
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Admissions Open at Khatoon-e-Pakistan GGS

Here are the admissions details for the upcoming academic year for Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School. There are a restricted number of sea...
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Ending Corporal Punishment Next Steps

With the historic passage of the Islamabad Capital Territory Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill this week, it is important to take stock of th...
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NA passes law to ban corporal punishment in the capital

In a historic move, the National Assembly passed the ICT Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill, which effectively bans all forms of corporal puni...
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When life gives you emotions, make art

In October 2020, amidst the hullabaloo of schools reopening for the first time, we introduced a new Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) module for ...
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Zindagi Trust awarded Shariah Compliance Certification for Zakat

Donors who wish to give their Zakat to Zindagi Trust can do so with the peace of mind that their religious obligation is being fulfilled in accorda...
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Reimagining an arts education online

Building on from the Learning Packs we sent to our students early on in the lockdown
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A plea and a plan to Protect Our Children

It is deeply disturbing that violence against women and children continues unabated in Pakistan.
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Pakistani Teachers Response To COVID-19

When COVID-19 first emerged in Pakistan, state institutions began deliberating
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Project of the Month Club Update: September 2020

We hope your September is off to a happy and healthy start! We are in awe of you
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Zindagi Trust petition leads to IHC ban on corporal punishment

Great win for Child Protection today as the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court, upon hearing our petition
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Government School wins second place at inter-city football championship

Karachi, Jan 26: SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School won second place in the Karachi United School Championship
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Our government school students meet the royal couple William and Kate

Our government school students met and played cricket with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Kate
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'Hoard out of greed but die of need': Karachiites join worldwide climate strike

The drums beat relentlessly and chants of "We demand clean
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Upcoming work in Punjab: Model Schools and Child Protection

Our team recently completed a successful visit to Lahore focusing on sharing our government school reform model
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We Stand with Kashmir

SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls' School adopted by Zindagi Trust observed solidarity with Kashmir to demand the restoration of human rights in t...
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A Celebration of Urdu Literature

Students from our adopted government schools paid tribute to the work of renowned Urdu dramatist Imtiaz Ali Taj during our annual Urdu
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Child Protection campaign launched by MoHR

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari on Thursday said Pakistan, unfortunately, was number one in child pornography.
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Artists, athletes and activists call for end to state inaction on Child Protection

Just over a year ago, we united after the brutal rape and murder of six-year-old Zainab in Kasur and pledged.
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Public -private partnership launched for better teacher training

A major public-private initiative to improve quality of education in government schools in Sindh was launched on Wednesday.
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Government School students win big for their art work on water conservation

Aiman Qadeer and Laiba Younas won the 2nd and 5th prize respectively in the national 5th Art for Change.
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Government schools wow thinkers, creatives and celebrities with art show

Students from government schools put up a colourful display of creativity at Karachi Khatoon-i-Pakistan Government School.
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An uphill drive

THE road that takes you to the Khatoon-e-Pakistan School, Karachi, is a steep one. It has been an equally uphill drive for Shehzad Roy's Zindagi Tr...
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Balochistan gets bold about child protection

Earlier this year, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Aahung and Balochistan Education Department.
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PPP decides to equip children with life skills through education

Pakistan Peoples Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari says the Sindh government has introduced child rights.
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Shehzad Roy calls Kasur incident 'heart-wrenching', demands justice

Famous singer and social activist Shehzad Roy in a press conference on Thursday.
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